UVC LED Sterilizer Portable UV sanitizer Wand Disinfection Lamp Handheld Sterilization Kills 99%

EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE - Turn ON the UV Sanitizer light, sweep the UV light sanitizer wand across the surface or stuff you desire to clean from a distance of several inches. Sterilization occurs within 5-10 seconds without damaging any surfaces, makes non-toxic, no residue, no odor, no secondary pollution. POWERFUL - Certified Anti-germ 99.9%: The UV-C disinfection light destroys the molecular structure of DNA or RNA in viruses with light wavelength in the range of 270 -280nm. After years efforts and tests, this UV sanitizer light has anti-germ rate up to 99.99%.

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UVC Disinfection Light

•【STERILIZATION PRINCIPLE】-- The light disinfection lamp destroys the molecular structure of DNA and RNA in bacterlal vlruses through ultraviolet rays. The wavelength of the led lights is 270-280nm and 395-400nm. Destroying the DNA of microorganlsms that hide in crevices where even cleaning wipes can't reach.

•【PORTABLE & STERILIZE ANYTIME】-- The UV sanitizer lamp built-in 2000mAh USB rechargeable batteries, with compact design and light weight super convenient to stored it in backpack or suitcase for use while traveling and outings. It's your personal health expert especially in the critical period.

【QUICK & EFFECTIVE DISINFECTION】-- Ultraviolet disinfection rod can make environment clean and safe in a short time, no residue in ultraviolet irradiation will not damage any materials. Simply sweep the UV disinfection stick across the surface.

【WIDELY USED】-- The size of the ultraviolet light sanitizer is very handy. It is perfect for home, office, school, hotel and travel. It can be used for phones, IPads, toys, keyboards, laptops, toothbrushes, remote controls, door knobs, toilet covers, mugs, steering wheel.

•【WARM TIP】-- Please don't use this Ultraviolet Disinfection Lamp on people, animals, pet, plants, especially on eyes.


UV Light is harmful to human body, please use carefully, no light on people or pets, no light on skin or eyes,keep it away from children.







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