Why LED ?

- Aug 23, 2019-

Great for Business

For business and commercial use - switching to LED makes great financial sense.

Lower energy costs - We have help businesses save several thousands of pounds per year - every year. With the cost of LED falling, payback is from a few months for lamps to around 12-36 months for LED panels.

Lower maintenance and cleaning costs - No lamp or tube changes - items like LED panels are much easier to clean when compared with fluorescent tube panels. For high ceilings, the need for specialist machinery like cherry pickers is reduced.

More sales? -When upgrading poorly lit areas with LED; we have had feedback from customers who have reported a better atmosphere for staff in offices. Also, reports from wholesalers and retailers have included better sales figures as the product is lit better and customers are spending more time in-store.

A great return - LED gives a great return, for example, an LED GU10 costing around £3.50 will save over £6.00 per year in energy costs.  ( a 6-month payback and a 195% return based on 3hrs per day and 14p KWh) .  A  600 X 600 LED panel retailing at around £80 will save £28.00 per year in energy with a return of 36%  (12hrs per day and 14p KWh)

LED is Instant ON - No waiting for the light

LED lamps switch ON and OFF instantly and are flicker-free – There is no warm-up time unlike many CFLs

LED is Mercury-free - Unlike CFL

A small amount of Mercury is used in CFL bulbs. Any reduction in the use of Mercury will benefit the environment. 

LED lamps look the same as "traditional" lightbulbs

You may have seen early "Generation 1" LED lamps that looked more like an alien spaceship than a lightbulb, however, there have been massive advances in LED design so that now LED lamps to look nearly identical to the filament and halogen bulbs that you want to replace. Integral LED has a range of lamps that closely match existing shapes and light outputs.  For example, check out our range of GU10 LED Glass products 

LED gets the green light - More light with much less energy

Over the lifetime of an LED product, less electricity and replacement products are used; saving even more energy in transportation, packaging, and maintenance when compared to conventional lamps. All this adds up to lower CO2 emissions, a win-win for you and the environment. As LED lamps are very efficient, they are the perfect product to compliment renewable energy sources such as solar panels or wind power.

LEDs run cooler and can be safer

LED lamps run much cooler than traditional halogen lamps and can be less of a hazard (please consult a qualified electrician for fire safety regulations in your area). Halogen lamps are an inefficient way to heat a space. Using LED will allow a heating or air-conditioning system to run more effectively. When lamps run cooler they minimize the deterioration to light fittings, shades, and decoration which can occur with hot lamps - so your light fittings will last longer.