Why Is The Application Of Downlights So Extensive?

- Dec 28, 2018-

Downlights are extremely common and can be seen in almost every place. Whether it is in an outside mall or at home, it has a wide range of applications because its light source is concentrated three times that of incandescent lamps, and its age is incandescent. The lamp is 6 times larger and takes up less space than an incandescent lamp.

Why is the application of downlights so extensive?

The downlight is a light fixture with a screw base that can be directly attached to the light bulb. It is usually installed inside the ceiling to save space; its lights are concentrated, this is direct light distribution; but if you want different light to achieve different effects, you may wish to try Reflectors, mirrors, light bulbs, etc., may make the space unique.

The downlight is a decorative light fixture. It can be installed with a few turns to adjust the soft and warm atmosphere of the space, and it can also reduce the pressure on the space.

There are also many materials and classifications for downlights. The lamp cover material is generally divided into iron surface, pure aluminum, die-casting and other materials. Its main material is ceramic; in addition, it is classified into embedded downlight and surface mounted downlight, spiral head and plug lamp, vertical Downlights and horizontal downlights, home downlights and engineering downlights, single-inserted lights and double-inserted lights, ordinary downlights and anti-fog downlights, ordinary downlights and LED downlights. There are a lot of choices, but you have to choose the best ones, after all, the length of use is long.