What Are The General Standards For Led Street Lighting?

- Oct 10, 2019-

(1) the light conversion rate is 17% (electrical energy output is 1000W, the actual utilization rate is 170W).

(2) the lamp lens material is an improved optical material, the light transmittance must reach 93%, the temperature resistance is -38~+90℃.

(3) led lamp lens, spot must be rectangular, the material is PMMA optical material, light transmissivity ≥93%, temperature resistance is -38~+90℃, resistance to UV UV yellow rate 3000h no change, etc..

(4) the average illumination of the road is 0.48, the ratio of spots is 1:2.

(5) the power factor of the LED street lamp must be above 0.9, and the test value of the power factor must be above the labeled value of 95%, the total circuit power must be within the labeled value of the manufacturer ±110%, the input current harmonic distortion must not exceed the specified value in table 8, and the total current harmonic distortion must not exceed 33%

6 applicable humidity: ≤95%.

7 quality assurance: 3~5 years.