Tips For Identifying Good LED Ceiling Lights

- Nov 23, 2018-

Whether it is home improvement or tooling, the demand for LED ceiling spotlights is still quite large. As a layman, how to identify a good LED ceiling spotlight? Which aspect should I watch?

First, look at anti-glare, glare is also called "light noise", refers to the interference light effect of unnecessary unwanted glare; Second, look at the index, the index refers to the ability of the light source to color the object; Third, look Light color, light color is actually the color temperature, the color temperature of the LED ceiling spotlight used in different occasions is not the same; Fourth, look at the driver, under normal circumstances, the LED driver can obtain CCC certification; five, look at the LED light source ( LED chip), generally imported LED chips are more dominant; sixth, look at the radiator, a good heat dissipation design directly affects the service life of LED ceiling light; Seven, look at the shape, this is subjective evaluation.