The Effect Of The Luminaire On The Atmosphere

- Jan 10, 2019-

Reasonable lighting arrangement can make the illumination on the working surface uniform, the light is directed to the appropriate, no glare shadow, easy maintenance and safety, and can be neat, beautiful, and coordinated with the building. Use light changes and distribution to create a variety of visual environments to enhance indoor space effects and atmosphere; use a large number of simple ceiling lamps or embedded point light direct light fixtures, together with room ceiling decoration to form a complete architectural art The pattern can create a special style and deepen the layering, making the indoor atmosphere calm and not noisy. The shape of the decorative wall lamp, in coordination with the interior decoration, serves as an auxiliary lighting function, which gives the wall an beautiful light and a decorative effect, which reflects the spaciousness of the room. Chandeliers (flowers, crystal lamps) can create a magnificent atmosphere.

In civil buildings, such as halls, shopping malls and other places, the choice of linear lighting, and consider the decorative aesthetics and environmental characteristics, with a variety of forms of light sources and lamps for uneven distribution. Enhance the illumination of some areas and highlight the visual effects to create an atmosphere full of dazzling. In the main hall of the hotel, there are usually sofas, tables, bonsai and various handicrafts. Large chandeliers can be used to highlight the luxurious and warm atmosphere; or down-lit lamps can be used to create a quiet and elegant environment; The combination of a drop-down luminaire and a vertical luminaire makes the main hall look spacious and gorgeous. The main hall with high space and large area adopts large crystal lamps as the main illumination, which can reflect the gorgeous atmosphere. In the low space, the downlights are used as auxiliary lighting, which can give people an elegant and light feeling. Decorative wall lamps are installed on large-area walls to provide auxiliary lighting and good decorative effects. The combination of different lamps can be used together to express the theme, which brings out the elegant, gorgeous and warm atmosphere of the main hall.