The Difference Between Downlights And Spotlights

- Dec 28, 2018-

There are many people who can't tell the difference between spotlights and downlights. They are similar in appearance, but they are very different in the application and location of the light source. So how should we distinguish the spotlights? And the downlight? Today, let's take a look.

Spotlights are highly concentrated luminaires whose light illumination can be specified and used primarily for special lighting requirements. The downlight is a more concentrating luminaire than a conventional luminaire, and is generally used for general or auxiliary lighting.

Spotlights can generally be divided into orbital, point-and-hung, and in-line. The built-in spotlights can be mounted in the ceiling. Spotlights are mainly used for highlighting or performance, such as background walls, hanging pictures, fine jewelry, etc. It can enhance the effect. The downlight is a recessed luminaire that is embedded in the ceiling. Its biggest feature is that it can be perfectly combined with architectural decoration without damaging the artistic nature of the ceiling.