Store Lighting Design Requirements

- Dec 06, 2018-

In the retail industry, more and more companies have chosen the business form of a specialty store or a flagship store. This method has a unified brand planning or design, and forms a sales network through franchising.

We can divide this type of lighting into: window lighting, general lighting in stores, accent lighting, and special function lighting (such as checkouts, etc.).

At the same time, due to the fierce competition in the retail industry, people's purchasing behavior has undergone great changes. In the process of product sales, in addition to the factors such as the quality and price of the products, more attention should be paid to the positioning and image of the brand to help. People complete the purchase process. Therefore, as an auxiliary sales means, the lighting is no longer limited to pure static lighting effects, and dynamic lighting, color changes and other methods are gradually applied to such businesses.

The creation of the lighting environment, unfair needs to consider the recommended quantitative indicators, but also need to consider the non-quantitative factors of architecture, psychology and vision. Only by skillfully combining the technology and art of lighting can we obtain superior lighting effects.