Misunderstanding Of LED Downlight

- Nov 23, 2018-

Still worried that your home decoration is not up to grade? Worried about the pros and cons of the home environment? Maybe you know that a good LED downlight not only has the effect of lighting, but also has the effect of affecting the overall decoration style of the home, but it is inevitable to escape some common misunderstandings when choosing LED downlights.

1, color chaos

In today's LED lighting market, there are many different colors of lighting, but you need to remind everyone that the home is the place to rest, the comfort and comfort is the most important, the mixed light source shines in the room and accidentally turns the home into an entertainment place. People feel uncomfortable.

Therefore, when choosing the light, it is recommended that you choose a uniform color LED light source. Most people prefer a more intimate atmosphere, and you can choose warm yellow light. Of course, you can also use other colors to embellish it.

2, style confusion

Nowadays, the styles of LED lamps are various. Do not mix a variety of styles of lamps in one space. It is necessary to maintain the style of the lamps in style, materials and colors.

3, LED spotlights too much

Owners who do not install the main lights should note that although they can be illuminated by LED spotlights, the spotlights should not be installed too much. Excessive spotlights not only waste electricity, but sitting under the lights is still uncomfortable.

4, aisle without LED lamps

The aisle is the transition between the living room and each room. Generally, the lighting is poor. Although it is only a short distance, it does not install LED lamps, which is very inconvenient in the dark night! Therefore, LED lamps should be properly installed, which not only facilitates daily life, but also makes the aisle appear spacious.