LED Spotlight Cooling Is Related To What Factors

- Dec 28, 2018-

LED spotlights are spotlights that use light-emitting diodes as light sources. Because spotlights are linear down-lighting fixtures, a large amount of heat energy is concentrated in the process of irradiation to produce high heat, so the heat dissipation problem is compared with comparison. Difficult, LED lamp bead structure has high power and low power lamp beads high power cooling method to rely on external force to solve, but now mainly using thermal film to heat the LED spotlight, but the thermal conductivity is general, there is the use of heat pipe cooling It's like the CPU heat pipe of the computer is the same, but the volume is bigger and more cumbersome. Another is the newly developed liquid heat dissipation. The liquid heat dissipation method is used to successfully solve the high-power LED heating problem, and the small-volume LED spotlight heat dissipation problem contributes to the LED spotlight heat dissipation problem.