Led Line Light Indoor Lighting Design

- Jan 10, 2019-

Engaged in indoor lighting design, should consider the use of functions, using different artificial lighting methods, changes in light brightness, distribution of light and shadow to beautify the environment, highlight the atmosphere, enhance the sense of space. The main practices and experience are:

(1) According to different activities or work needs, the degree of contrast should be reasonably configured to create a good visual and physiological environment;

(2) Avoid glare, glare and contrast ratios to prevent visual fatigue and poor visual and psychological effects;

(3) The indoor lighting should reflect the contour of the indoor structure, the spatial level and the three-dimensional sense of the interior furniture and decorations;

(4) The use of light to transmit a special decorative style, showing the surface texture of fabric or building materials, reflecting the beauty of interior decoration and interior color.