LED Downlight And LED Spot Light, Which Is Better To Our Life?

- Sep 06, 2018-

Firstly, understand the difference. Downlight can be used to install ordinary incandescent lamps LED energy-saving lamps, particularly energy-saving, said the light color generally, yellow or white, installed in the ceiling of the downlight is fixed, can not be adjusted, so the light can only be fixed in the same direction of irradiation. For spotlights, the general use of quartz bulbs, so it is free to adjust the direction of light exposure. 

Second, from the point of view of their installation, the Downlight is usually installed in the interior of the ceiling and is easy to install. And can be integrated with the overall layout, and spotlights are usually installed in the furniture or corner of this area, more characteristics of the place, more to highlight the beauty of the family environment. 

3, Function, Downlight is generally considered more ordinary lamps, the price is not expensive. Mainly in the home life has played the effect of auxiliary lighting, general living room in addition to the main location of the installation of lamps, but also in the ceiling around a number of downlight and play a decorative effect, but also will not occupy indoor space, so that the entire living room looks special atmosphere. For people's home life to create a more high-end, atmospheric home environment.

10W Recessed Ceiling Downlights.JPG