How To Choose LED DownLights?

- Dec 23, 2018-

At present, LED DownLights occupies a dominant position in home improvement lighting, and traditional downlights have gradually been eliminated due to lack of environmental protection. For new products such as LED DownLights, some consumers may not know how to buy.

  Note on buying LED DownLights:

     The structure of the new LED DownLights: drive - radiator - lamp body - light source - accessories

     1, LED DownLights chooses regular manufacturers of regular brands, quality and after-sales will have a good guarantee. (Look at the warranty, read the comments)

     2, LED DownLights has an ordinary with a solar flower radiator and ultra-thin, the body heat dissipation two, live on the upper level of the situation is recommended to use ultra-thin such cooling space will be more effective and better, can also improve the ceiling The height of the room increases the room size.


    3, LED DownLights light source has two kinds of high power and patch.

     Consumers can choose according to their own needs, different functions are suitable for different decoration needs, these also need to be specifically understood and analyzed.