How To Choose LED Classroom Lights

- Dec 04, 2018-

Choosing LED classroom lights, not only to consider the retail price of LED classroom lights, but also pay attention to the following points:

First of all, the quality of the LED classroom light chip is the soul of the lamp. The chip is the illuminator of the LED lamp. The source and size of the chip determine the quality of the LED tube for classroom lighting.

Secondly, the colloid of the LED light makes the lamp icing on the cake. The general colloidal composition is epoxy resin, and some of the added components in the colloid can enhance the performance of LED lamps for school classroom lighting.

Then, the brightness and light quality of the LED classroom lights are the guarantee of the lighting effect. The brightness should be assessed by the laser level. The higher the brightness, the better the lighting effect.

Finally, the life of LED lights is the embodiment of quality. The quality of different LED lights is the most intuitive in terms of service life.