- Sep 16, 2019-

The “downlight,” for this dialogue, is the small round fixture recessed into ceilings. these are cans mounted between the ceiling and the floor above, with openings of two to 8 inches in diameter, designed to house directional and omnidirectional lighting. the aperture then may also or won't be lensed.

The integrated version without a doubt involves mounting a single product into the hole inside the ceiling and connecting it with predominant line strength. led downlight at the left, traditional recessed can housing at the right:

Cost difference

Huge, but no longer prohibitive.

A traditional recessed can runs $10-15 and the led lamp required prices $20-forty five. an incorporated led downlight fees $50-one hundred fifty. in our enjoy, a producer of lighting fixtures merchandise (philips, ecosmart, as an instance) will rate plenty much less for an led downlight than might a manufacturer of fixtures (halo, as an example). as with trackheads, the fixture gamers think about led merchandise as an opportunity to enlarge design-pushed pricing, but the led infrastructure used by their products tends to be insufficient, mainly on performance terms (i.e. lumens in step with watt).

Our advice

As with trackheads, we're heavily in want of conventional furnishings with led lamps established—it’s inexpensive, the mild might be better, and the renovation profile is superior (think changing a mild bulb as opposed to rewiring one among your light furniture). you may also come to be with a far better looking downlight housing, due to the fact even first-rate conventional downlights are commoditized—you load a great led lamp into great housing and you get the fine of both worlds.