Cosmetics Store Track Spotlight Lighting Solution

- Dec 08, 2018-

It is especially important to distribute the lighting and decorative light sources scientifically and reasonably in the interior decoration layout of the cosmetics store. Under the premise of lighting with natural light, some warm colored spotlights are used to set off the products, which not only attracts customers. Attention can also enable customers to browse products in a gentle and comfortable environment, which in turn creates the impulse to shop. Therefore, lighting plays an important role in each product division of the store. It can stimulate customers' shopping desires, and can also adjust the atmosphere inside the store, so the luminosity lighting in the store must be changed. Some places should be brighter, and some places should be darker, so that customers will have a sense of hierarchy. If it is the same everywhere, it will give people a sense of monotony. In general, the light and darkness of the shelf area should be clearly defined, and the sense of hierarchy should be used to attract customers.