About LED Panel Light Knowledge -1

- Sep 11, 2018-

LED panel light is a kind of LCD TV backlight technology, a new type of surface light source, is a high-grade indoor lighting, its outer frame from aluminum alloy by anodic oxidation or aluminum die-casting, the light source for SMD LED lamp beads, the entire luminaire design to people beautiful and concise, both good lighting effect, but also to bring beauty feelings. 

LED Panel light Design is unique, light through the high transmittance of the guide plate after the formation of a uniform planar luminous effect, good illumination uniformity, soft light, comfortable and bright, can effectively alleviate eye fatigue. From the green lighting design considerations, LED Panel light Materials Environmental protection, low power consumption, luminous efficiency, lighting brightness and other aspects are better than grille lights, really do the daytime lights, night lighting.

It is gradually replacing the grille lamp with T8 fluorescent lamp as the light source. Because of the low utilization of the traditional grating light, only about 65%, and the utilization of the flat lamp is up to 90%.